Tour Livingston

The tour boat from the village will pick you up right here at the hotel. They will stop at a natural hot spring for a quick hot bath, and on the way you will see the beauty of lily pads floating on the river and the stunning jungle covered canyon.

The hot waterfalls

In the village at the intersection to El Estor take the minibus for a ride to "Finca Paraiso". There you pay a small entrance fee and take a short hike through the jungle to the marvelous hot waterfall.

Castillo de San Felipe

You can ask the staff to take you there by boat, or you can go by minibus from Fronteras.

The Ruins of Quirigua

Take the bus going to the Capital but get off at the intersection to the ruins.There is another bus for a short ride to the beautiful park, filled with the largestcolumns and gravestones of the Mayan culture.

Other things to do

There are free canoes, kayaks and a row boat to use and to take you to enjoy the swimmingplatform in the Rio.

Casa Perico - Rio Dulce - Guatemala
Casa Perico - Rio Dulce - Guatemala
Casa Perico - Rio Dulce - Guatemala