We - Andre, Bruno and Florian - are from beautiful Switzerland, friends since school days in the Canton Root/Lucerne.
During the 90s we backpacked through Central America several times. Once , in 1998 we were offered a hidden property in Rio Dulce - fell in love with the adventure of being "a-piece-of-swamp-owners" - and bought it. A year later we started building Casa Perico with the little money we had saved. But as this by far was not enough, we alternately had to go back to wealthy Switzerland to work hard - and live low – in order to make money to continue the construction of our dream:
The Casa Perico.

Finally it was finished in December 2002. We all made the big move to our new home and also our new families in Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
Since then we always try to improve the business for the convenience of our guests!

Casa Perico - Rio Dulce - Guatemala
Casa Perico - Rio Dulce - Guatemala